Beauty of Mesa Island Indonesia and Other Islands in Komodo National Park

When it is time for the holiday, Indonesia can be the great country to visit. This country has been so famous for its sceneries and other kinds of tourism destinations. As a country with many islands, there are various destinations to visit. From west to east, there are many great places. Among those great places, Mesa Island Indonesia can be good destinations. This island is in the eastern area of Indonesia, specifically Flores. This island can be good destinations. Visiting this island can be the good choice to find good culture. Then, visiting this nice island can also be added by exploring the Komodo National Park. This national park is close to the Mesa Island, so it is the good combination to visit. Around Komodo Island, there are also Rinca Island as the other alternative. Spending days in these islands will be great and people will find great pleasure and unforgettable experience.

People may not find special scenery of beautiful nature in Mesa Island Indonesia. This island is good to visit for people who love to see a great culture. This island is famous as the home of sea gypsies. The local people itself are usually called Baju. They are nice people and they always show good hospitality for visitors or tourists. The warm welcome will be found in their faces. Then, the island may not be big, and this has been quite full of houses.

The houses of Baju are quite unique since they are built several feet above the water surface. This construction is not only found in the house near the beach or water, yet most of the houses have the same construction. This is part of their culture as the sea gypsies. Exploring the whole island will give great experiences and the tourists can see the traditional life on the island. Tourists can also find the culture of the native people living on this island.

The experiences offered Mesa Island Indonesia is great, and it can be greater when tourists also visit other islands around this island. There are Rinca Island and Komodo Island. These two islands are the only place to see komodo dragons in their natural habitat. It is because this is the only habitat of the prehistoric lizards. These lizards are special since they survive for thousand years since the prehistoric time. The komodo dragons are so exotic. However, they are wild and they may attack anything considered as prey. In this case, it is advised to go there with the tour guide, so it is possible to find the safe and best place to find the location to see the dragons. Then, there are also other animals to find in the islands since this is the habitat of many animals, including the prey of the dragons. Specifically, about Rinca Island, there is the beautiful beach to visit. The beach is still so fresh and nature is still so pure and clean. It is also possible to dive and snorkel to see the beautiful marine life offered under water. Surely, visiting Mesa Island Indonesia and the other islands can be a great choice of holiday.