How to Buy a Quality Used Car

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If you are looking for a used car, you can fully realize that the prices of used cars are very high. Gone are the days when you could find a quality job offer for less than $ 1,000, even older models with high mileage can cost $ 5,000 or more.

Prices for new cars on average are around $ 30,000, which is an important reason why many people choose cheap used cars near me. Such models may have passed the dealer test, having passed just a few hundred miles on the odometer, or a neighbor’s car, which is five years old or more, but it is in good shape.

However, there are a few steps that you must follow to find the right used car:

  1. Know the prices of cars: you can find out the cost of any car by visiting Kelly’s Blue Book on and linking the information. These details include the year, make and model of the car, its engine and transmission, services, its status and miles on the odometer.

used cars fresno

  1. Set a budget: what can you pay for a used car? If you have $ 5,000 in cash, then your budget is limited to cars priced at that amount or less. If you plan to finance a car, you can deposit some money and pay the rest for the next 12–48 months.
  1. Find a car: check your local Craigslist for cars list, as well as ads in newspapers, eBay, supermarket bulletin boards or go to a used car dealership. Perform a test drive on every car you plan to buy, and carefully listen to sounds that are not normal. They may include a knock on the wheels when you turn the steering wheel, a belt that screams when the ignition is turned on, or an exhaust that sounds like it has a hole.
  1. Inspect the car: inspect the cabin, look it outside, lift the hood and slide it under the car to inspect it. Rust signals should not appear on any car under the age of 10, as this may be a reconditioned car. Look at the tires and inspect them for wear and age. Pay attention to the paint, finish and finish.
  1. Get the CarFax report. Most of the cars you drive today have a CarFax report that details your maintenance history. It will also show whether the car was damaged by a flood, the name was renamed, or a serious accident occurred. A small investment for a very valuable report.
  1. Get a professional opinion: swallow your pride, take your car to a mechanic and ask him to look at it. You will pay $ 50 or more to inspect your car, inspect the main components, your electrical system, exhaust system and other parts of your car for signs of wear.

Safe Driving Tips for Youngsters

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We all want to taste the thrill of driving at 100 miles per hour, the adrenaline rush that fills the mind and body with vigor. Driving on the road isa risky business if you’re not careful and do not pay heed to your surroundings. The moment you take your eyes off the road, the result may be dreadful and unexpected. In this scenario, especially the youngsters who feel that the world is at their feet, when they are driving their favorite bobcat just like the upcoming 2019 Chevrolet Silverado. They need to be informed and given some lessons about safe driving. One man’s enjoyment and gullibility may be another man’s suffering.

Listed below are some safe driving tips for youngsters, ensure that you take a step forward and guide them with these tips:

  1. Phone: This point may have been revolving in your mind since the day your kid started driving a car, and you also may have told him/her a thousand times but to no change. But did you tell them that more than 390,000 accidents occur every year due to this reason only?It’s almost 6 times more than the incidence of accident due to drunk driving. Figures and facts show the true picture; inform them about the consequences of using a phone while driving.
  2. Safety Belt:There is a reason that the long strap hanging by our sides in the car is called a safety belt. It acts as a restrainer for passengers and drivers; on abrupt collisions, the belt protects the driver and the passenger from impact. It has been observed that youngsters try to avoid wearing a seat belt where they think there is no police;you need to change their mindset about this.Houston Chevrolet dealership
  3. Speed: It doesn’t matter ifyou’re driving a Houston Chevrolet Camero or a trailer; you need to stick to the speed limit. The authorities have set the speed limits for every kind of road due to considerations and if the youngsters blatantly avoid these speed limits, it can become big reason to worry. You need to teach them the importance of life and also, instruct them that following everybody on the road is not necessary.
  4. Mirrors are not for makeup: There are 3 crucial mirrors in every car; these help the driver in judging and keeping a track of their surroundings, especially the blind spots. But majority of the youngsters, especially girls, use them for makeup and applying lipsticks. Come on, girls, just stick to the road when driving, make up and everything can be done when you have safely reached your destination.
  5. Fatigue driving:Do you know that that upcoming 2019 Chevrolet Silverado is known to a comfortable yet robust car? But no matter how comfortable the car seats are, they are not for sleeping. More than 15% of car crashes are credited to sleep driving.In this scenario, if you’re feeling tired, then park by the side of the road and have a power nap, then continue on your journey safely.
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