Strength and Agility training for maintaining good mental and physical health

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Are all the clients are following the right training strength program for achieving the fitness goal? Increasing muscle strength frequently is the main reason for the exercise program. However not all the strength training is similar and specific for muscles enhancement. The strength training requires the right workout program. For example, some training which is for maximum strength requires the heavyweights and limited repetitions. Some require improved explosive strength, which requires light to moderate weights.

In general, strength is the ability to accelerating the mass from the state of rest, which results, into the production of the muscular force. Strength is the ability for activating the muscle and the attached muscle fibers for generating the force, which is necessary for achieving the specific outcome. It is important to define the specific type of strength, which is required for success, and then have to design the exercise program for developing the strength.

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Improving Agility

Whether you are a stay at home mom or weekend warrior, agility exercise is an important part in the workout routine. Agility is the ability for moving quickly and changing the direction with ease. This will describe the mental and physical agility. As we are aging, or just complacent in our daily routines then both our mental and physical agility will start suffering. There is various exercise, which can do the quick on your toes and sharp as the tack. Be sure and check this below-given agility training.


You can make use of the ladder in this method. For example, you will start with high knee march and forward through all the boxes. Then you will progress towards the lateral scissor when you want more advance. When you are targeting upper body then move through the ladder with the hands while maintaining the push-up positions. When you are mastered in this move, you can speed up and recite the words of your favorite song, or pledge or the alphabets when you are moving through the ladder.

This training program is available at the south bay gym.