Role of a Car Accident Lawyer in accidents caused by Drunk Drivers in San Antonio


A sad and unfortunate report that appears on a daily basis is the large number of car accidents that occur in San Antonio, Texas as a result of drunk driving. The toll of causalities keeps increasing with the passing years and hence the responsibility of lawyers rises with every case. In order to make sure that a victim is rightly supported and compensated, a professional, experienced and intellect lawyer is sort after. There is a shocking increase in the number of deaths being reported in San Antonio as a result of drunk driving. In a case as this, a victim is liable to summon a claim for punitive and personal damage. A Car accident lawyers in San Antonio, Texas would make sure to gauge the extent of damage caused and arrive upon a justified compensation for the same. In San Antonio, Texas, according to the road traffic law in case of a car accident caused by drunk driving, the driver is held responsible for the accident in more than 95% of cases…A law firm in San Antonio will not only charge the driver, but in cases with high level of injury or damage can also charge the club or hotel that served alcohol to the driver who committed the accident. The victim is liable to demand compensation from both the driver and the club that served the drinks on the fateful day.

lawyersRole of an attorney in drunken driving accidents in San Antonio

An astonishing report reveals that during a drunken driving car accident, the casualty mostly occurs to the driver himself/herself. Statistics from the year 2013 show that more than 13,000 drunken driving cases were registered with leading law firms in San Antonio, Texas. The numbers of car accidents due to this reason have been steadily increasing, giving the law firms in this city a lot to work for. A car accident due to drunken driving can cause minor injuries such as cuts, bruises or burns. Fatal injuries are also a frequent occurrence. A lawyer’s responsibility in an accident caused by drunken driving is to:

  •  Determine the extent of casualty.
  •  Determine the extent of compensation
  •  Gather evidence to support the claim
  •  Liaise with different departments and agencies to accumulate all reports
  •  Negotiate with the insurance companies.
  •  Help the victim receive justified compensation and punishment for the culprit
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