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The music of Tamil culture

Music is not a part of the art and entertainment as the newspaper section would have us believe. It is not a luxury, a lavish thing that we fund from the leftovers of our budgets not a playing thing or an amusement or a pastime. Music is also defined as a basic need of human survival. Music is one of the ways we make sense of our lives and it is one of the ways in which we express feelings when we have no words, a way for us to understand things with our hearts when we cannot with our minds. In India many types of music and the songs are followed. Music of Tamil Nadu has a long traditional and it goes back to thousands of years ago history. Music is a very important aspect of culture of the Tamil people. Some types of music followed in Tamil Nadu are ancient music, Carnatic music, folk music film music and many more. The tradition of Tamil music goes back to the earliest period of the Tamil history. There are various references to this ancient musical traditional found in the ancient Sangam books. The early narrative poem belonging to the post Sangam period and it also mentions various forms of music practiced by the Tamil people.

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Types of music followed in Tamil Nadu:

Carnatic music is the classical music form of southern India, and has a large history in Tamil Nadu. There are 72 basic scales on the octave and a rich variety of melodic motion. Both the melodic and rhythmic structures are varied and compelling and it is one of the world’s oldest and richest musical traditions. T o p songs have been composed by great artist and handed down through generation of disciples. Folk song remains popular, especially in rural areas in traditional styles and also used in film music. The rural hill tribal of Tamil Nadu each have their own fold traditions. The urmee mellam also remains as one of the most popular forms of folk music in rural Tamil Nadu and the nadaswaram as the instrument of choice. The melodies songs composed by them are called Talams and that are said to come from the cooing of birds. Each of the talams is named after a deity including kunhanada talam, Mangalanada talam. The film music of Tamil Nadu is widely known for its innovation. Scores may showcase blends of Carnatic, western and other instruments with melodic music.

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