5-MABP: Floating Boat of Our Land

The chemical structure of a designer drug (also known as research chemicals) is modified to a certain extent that this kind of drugs finds no place in the scheduled lists offered by law. But still, these kinds of drugs are legal in many parts of the world and available without any traffic. People used to call these drugs as “bath salts” or “legal highs” which clearly explain their characteristic features to a certain extent.


5-MABP is one such a drug with IUPAC name 1-(benzofuran-5-yl)-N-methylpropan-2-amine. This is related to 5-ABP structurally and has a purity not less than ninety nine percentage and will be at a purity of not less than ninety eight percentage when sold. It has a molecular weight of 225.70 with a nominal mass of 189.25.

It is a synthetic empathogenic drug and is available in both powdered form and crystalline form. But while comparing their storage capacity of these two forms the crystalline form stands first and unfortunately the powdered form could not win the race. The crystalline form can be stored for even a period of two years with a room temperature of below 2o degree Celsius  while the powdered form may not stand more than five or six hours.

Consumption and Effects

This drug can be consumed orally, nasally or even rectally. People usually prefer white powdered form for consumption purposes to crystalline solids.

The effects of these drugs cannot be stated with an accurate map as the drug is made up of chemical components that will change their characteristic colors with different kinds of individual. However on an average scale we can say that the onset of the drug will start not less than one hour and may work for a good period of eight hours. The hangover may extend to even a period of 2 hours possibly.

Usually critics state that the effect of this finds its place in between that of MDMA and 5-APA.The effects can be listed as follows

  • Excitement of the mood
  • Increasing your social being
  • Enhances your sexual activity
  • Increases the degree of your stimulation and responses
  • Offers an excited state of mind usually termed as euphoria
  • Enhancement in your empathy behavioral quality
  • Facilitates a better sensual appreciation
  • You will like to appreciate music
  • Smartest brain ever
  • Creative thinking that you can become the CEO of a billion turnover company

How to get Him

This drug is available in all parts of the world without any distortion and the UK home office has scheduled this one among the group B category of drugs which increased the availability and popularity of this drug to some extent. Even though these drugs are available in local markets people prefer to buy 5-mabp online as it saves a lot of time and they could also buy quality drug at an affordable rate. Moreover the purity of the drugs available at the local markets cannot be trusted as they can be made using similar chemical components which may make the user find a similar hike in his mood.