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The Eligibility Criteria and Steps to Apply Australia Immigration Subclass 189

Australia Skilled Immigration Subclass 189 is the visa category that enables the skilled workers from foreign nationals who qualify the term of education and experience to live and work in Australia. It is the type of visa which is meant especially for those who are skilled and eligible but don’t have nomination from Australian employer or territory and state government or sponsorship from family members living in Australia as permanent resident. The Australia Immigration Subclass 189 allows the immigrants to work and live in Australia for indefinite period of time. Foreign skilled workers with sufficient experience and education and whose skills are high in demand in labour market of Australia are eligible for applying for Australia Skilled Immigration Subclass 189.

Key Requirements for Australia Immigration Subclass 189

  • Applicants need to submit the Expression of Interest
  • They need to be invited by Department of Immigration and Border Protection
  • Their age must be between 18 years and 49 years
  • They need to pass the Skills Assessment Test for occupation listed on Australian STSOL Occupation List
  • They need to score 60 marks based on their profile factors including qualification, age, English Proficiency and other components if applicable.
  • The applicants need meet the minimum pass mark for Australian Immigration Points 60 on Points Test at the time of invitation
  • They need to provide character, health, special return criteria reports
  • Certificate for Debt Free

How to Apply for Australia Immigration Subclass 189?

  • Firstly, you need to ascertain that the occupation you are skilled in is listed on the STSOL Occupation List.
  • Secondly, you need to ensure that you meet all the eligibility criteria mentioned above and provide the certificate of your health, character, debt free certificate.
  • Thirdly, you need to successfully complete the skill assessment test. In this test you are required to obtain satisfactory marks to become eligible for 189 Independent Visa Australia. You are required to score equivalent or higher than the specific marks on the letter of invitation
  • Fourthly, you are required to submit the Expression of Interest through the SkillSelect. This is the process or program where you will be asked few crucial questions related to your work background, skills, qualification, and other relevant history. The EOI submitted will be reviewed by the Australian Authorities and Employers and based on the satisfactory answers you will be nominated or achieve the sponsor so that you can apply for 189 Independent Visa Australia.
  • Fifthly, you will receive the ITA and you can now apply for Australia Immigration Subclass 189.

Finally, you need to wait for the call or decision from the DIBP and you will get the approval for the visa after few minutes. After the final call you will get the acknowledge receipt for your visa. After the approval you will receive the visa and you can migrate to Australia and start working and living in Australia for indefinite period of time.

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