A step towards the wedding on budget

Obviously people who are about to arrange a marriage function will have a great stress in their mind regarding their budget. The budget of some may be high and some may be low. But whatever it is they are supposed to complete all the arrangements within their budget or they may get trapped into financial risk. This article is the best guide for the people who are about to arrange a marriage function on tight budget.

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Choosing the venue

Obviously booking a venue for wedding will cost little high. But if you have any green space in your backyard you can make use of those spaces for marriage reception. Thus, you can accommodate your guests as well as can save huge amount over booking venue. In case if you don’t have enough space for the party, you can book private dining halls well in prior. To save money over the venue the function can be conducted on the week days as the venue on weekends will be little costly.

Make your invitation simple

People who are on tight budget can make their invitation as simple as possible. This is because the best invitations in current market are quite costly. Hence one can choose the simple wedding cards or they can also send their invitations through email which is very cost effective. And to remain on the safer side, the people who are very important for the event can be listed and invited accordingly. Thus, by avoiding huge crowd, one can save plenty over their budget.

Wedding cakes

If you consider that cake is more important for the wedding, you can bake the cake yourself. And through this, you can save a huge amount over wedding cakes. This is because if you hire a professional baker for the wedding cake you are supposed to pay huge.

High street dresses

It will be really challenging to find the outfit without budget. To make this task simple and easy, the high street wedding dresses can be hired. This is because these dresses will be cost effective and one can find wide range of dresses with varying price. Thus, one can find the wedding dresses according to their budget.

DJ arrangements

Since it is quite impossible to avoid DJ, one can be a DJ themselves. Thus, they can easily approach their guests to dance for their favorite music.

To find more cost effective tips for a wedding with tight budget, http://wedding-makeup.co.uk/makeup/how-to-have-a-lovely-wedding-on-a-tight-budget/ can be referred.

Points to Remember While Making Thanking Note For Wedding Gifts

Wedding thanks is essential for each wedding gift received by couple after their marriage. It is essential process included in wedding planning after returning from honeymoon. Wedding thanks needed to be drafted in decent way and should not be repeated with earlier quotes or common quotes. After coming from wedding to home, there is large number of wedding gifts which needed to unpack by one. Next step is to offer proper acknowledgement for the person who gave it with love as they made moment special by making their presence and devoting their precious time.


When gifts are not received physically but via e-mails, then one can these acts as good confirmation for same. Presenting thanks you cards is necessary process now for saying thanks to each person involved in wedding.

Writing thanks you note for guests involved given step by step process-

  • At first after opening gift boxes, one has to record and list each gift which is next to name and address of person presenting gift.
  • Get prepared with all stationeries for making thanks you cards with colored thick paper, sent to be spayed on these notes, colors or glitters, pens etc.

Few Essential Things for Wedding Thank You Notes

  • It is preferred to start writing wedding thank you notes from time as soon it arises. It can prevent wastage of time.
  • Don’t consider it as burden or do at hurry which can spoil its quality rather have give equal interest in all quotes to avoid any discrimination.
  • Generally thanks should be given just after two weeks of receiving these gifts as thanks you note given after so longer period can let receiver to have reduced interest in it.
  • At earlier times, wedding notes were presented in either blue or black ink on white note paper. It can give note of being married name at end of note.
  • One can write few words regarding gifts they got. It can be few lines for it in praise along with thanks.
  • When money is presented in gifts then one can say thanks for it and promise to use it for meaningful purpose of their life.
  • Shannon Nicole Smith Wedding thank you note wording for writing thanks you note should be generous and unique in themselves for using which can give meaningful sense.
  • It should be checked whether any person is not missed out in wedding as few person left for giving notes can feel to be ignored by them.
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