History and advantages of Turkish towels

There have been so many new developments in the field of bath fitting and accessories that many times consumers are don’t know for better choice. From tiles to showers, from tubs to sinks everything has undergone changes to suit the needs of different types of customers. Every bathroom has towels, but the luxurious towels like Turkish towels that invoke just the right feelings and wrapping yourself in the softest and plumpest towels. One can choose soft pastel colors as they are more visually pleasing as opposed to strong and dark colors. They are well known for their exceptional softness and thickness. These plush and cozy towels are an indulgence indeed. These towels are typically made of cotton. They are woven with looped pile section in the middle, which makes them extraordinarily fluffy. Turkey ranks amongst the leading three suppliers of cotton towels. There are a lot of myths about the actual origin but according to the prevalent legendry they actually originated somewhere in the 18th century in modern day Bursa, Turkey.


 Weavers, who initially wove carpets to earn their living, thought of trying out a new way of weaving towels and they used their well polished carpet weaving skills and invented a revolutionary technique which made drab bath towels look extremely stylish, plush and thick. Besides making wrap and weft of the towel, these weavers also added pile or loops of fiber to it. This weaving technique also increased the absorbency of the bath towels by several times. These towels also have a religious significance for the people of Turkey and thus it forms an important constituent of their social life as well. They were used during the ceremonial bath which the bride takes before wedding, not only that, they were also used during other important ceremonies. They also have an irrefutable association with hamams, or Turkish baths. A complete set of Turkish cotton towels consisting of shoulder, hip head towels is used for the Turkish baths.


The Turkish weavers used their style, imagination and creativity to change the entire look and texture of rudimentary towels. They named it havly initially and then it became havlu which means towel in Turkish. With the passage of time, production of Turkish towels was mechanized and hence they were manufactured on a large scale. With the advent of the 19th century these towels were being exported to many parts of Asia and Europe. And then the Turkish bath towel and its weaving techniques became very popular all around the globe, even to the west. The tribute of introducing these towels to the west goes to Henry Christy. He took this exceptionally soft and plush towel to England. Owing to its high quality and the popularity, these days, these towels are being manufactured in many parts of the world and hence they are easily available.


Turkish cotton is considered as one of the premium and more luxurious cotton types, which make it perfect for use at hotels wishing for their guests. There are kits of benefits for introducing Turkish cotton towel to the hotels, as they are much better than the average cotton towels. The main benefit to Turkish cotton is its absorbency power. The long staple fibers lengths produce finer fibers on the towels and this helps it to be super absorbent. Towels made from Turkish cotton will dry more quickly and in turn it is less inclined to absorb more moisture from the atmosphere, especially useful in more humid climates. This means that they do not run the risk of going damp which the user can experience with other types of cotton. In addition to the long staple fiber lengths producing a sure absorbent towel, it also makes them feel smoother and softer. This is a sure fire way of giving to the guests that is little bit extra and creating upmarket feel for the establishment. The way Turkish cotton is made ensures it’s tough and durable for everyday use. Now together with the cotton make, its loop helps the users to get special after bath feeling and then latter helps to arrest the water faster so that it can dry with ease and also in the least time.