Investment Banking – A Complex and Challenging Role in the Finance Industry

The finance industry or the finance sector is a combination of various fields and investment banking is one of them. The first and the foremost questions that need to be answered are “What do one mean by the term “investment banking?” Or “What is the scope of the same in this industry?” Investment banking is a new field in the finance sector holding various opportunities for one and all. It is one of the most selected and money minting career in the finance domain. People in this field must have an analytical mind, ready to research on any subject and adhere to the long working hours with great ease and capability. In fact, it is a combination of various fields offering diverse career opportunities to the well deserving candidates and making them outshine in the field and make a name of their own.

Role of Corporate Finance in the field of Investment Banking

Investment banking is related to corporate finance in the sense that professionals in the field give consultation to the other companies, thus advise them on their decisions and help them make the same. Such professionals help these other companies with their financial transactions and works related to the same and help them achieve their goals in the stipulated time period. This kind of consultation is quintessential and must be carried out for determining the feasibility of the company in the long run and the associated risks with the same. Thus corporate finance can be segregated into various fields for the ease of the same. Previous work experience in the field is of utmost importance and plays a great role in positioning of the employee within the company.


Marc J Leder is a name in himself in the field of investment banking and holds huge experience with greater expertise and special skills to focus upon. He is well-known in the field among the people.

Role of Mergers and Acquisitions in the field of Investment Banking

M&A is not an easy role and it involves big loads of business deals involving millions of rupees and hence a deal must be made after considering all the important points and making a note of them in turn. It is a vast field involving various tough decisions to be taken at the right time for the right price by the right person for the betterment of the company as a whole.

The professionals in this field hold a very secretive place and maintaining confidentiality is the main task and must not be compromised at any costs for any of the reasons. They put in the maximum number of hours to their work and very much devoted and dedicated towards their work. No one can ever deny this fact for anything.

Thus, investment banking plays various roles in different fields and cannot be limited to just one or two field. According to Marc J Leder , one can be choosy about the segment as per his/her qualifications and requirements with the experience in hand. One can very well make the choice accordingly.