Know your belt buckles: How to wear them stylishly?

You may have mastered in picking a perfect belt to match your outfit suitably, but if you love to take a chance about various kinds of belt buckles, then we are here you tell you everything you want to know. Belt buckles for men do more than just holding up your pants. They somehow make a fashion statement and even a single comment about a man himself. Also, there is a belt and buckle for almost every occasion.

Classic buckle

A buckle that you tend to see most belts, the classic buckle, according to us, is one of the best picks when it comes to formal wear. It is the simple frame for the belt that goes through and a really flexible prong make up this belt buckle. You just have to slide one end of the frame and then push the prong through the hole in order to place it comfortably. Just make sure to match the metal of the buckle to the metal of your belt or even tie slip.

Plate buckle

Talking about Belt buckles for men Plate buckle is one that has a plate of metal replacing the basic frame. There are a loop and a hook that is attached on the opposite ends on the base of the metal. One end of the belt tends to wrap the belt around the loop and the hook on the plate is pushed through the hole on the belt to secure it.

Two-hoop buckle

This type buckle has no hooks; instead, it has 2 metal loops that are attached to one end of the belt. Pair your belt with a 2 hoop buckle with any informal outfits. Just slip the end of the belt through the loop and then turn the free end of the belt around to the outer edge. Since your leather belt somehow needs to a little turning and twisting, a two-loop buckle is generally found mostly on the cloth belts or even on the canvas as they are more flexible when compared to the other ones.