Over the counter steroids: safe and legal

It’s not a hidden fact that world is crazy about the lean, muscular or perfectly shaped body of a body builder, athlete or may be onscreen celebrities. That perfect body of them is the result of vigorous training, balanced diet and the inevitable use of steroids in an adequate amount. Steroid abuse results in dare consequences that the world of body building had already witnessed. Many of the bulky, strong bodybuilders are now far more than in an unrecognizable state and shape.so it is always better to have something equivalent to steroids that are available, yet don’t come under the category of steroids. Thus OTC steroids serve the purpose.

Why OTC over steroids?

The reasons are many but the answer is simple, first of all they can be legally purchased from any stores all over the world, unlike some of the steroids that need prescription while purchasing. Possessing such drugs would land you in trouble. With OTC (over the counter) steroids you don’t have to worry on that front. So this itself clears majority of questions. If any substance that is sold in stores and can be purchased without any prescription indicates that it is less harmful. Unlike other steroids OTC doesn’t give alarming side effects. They, on the other side help to enhance energy and endurance when combined with proper exercise and balanced diet. Tough it may not give you the result much faster than that of injectable steroids but it is much safer and under certain conditions had proved to be equally good as the rest. OTC helps the consumer to naturally boost several important hormones, like testosterone, growth hormone and other factors. Tough not equaling fast as that of other steroids, OTC do give you strength and endurance.

Any side effects following the use of OTC

There are no alarming side effects noted. But the rampant use of this legal steroid had raised an issues of fake manufacturing and probably adulteration. Hence, while purchasing any kind of products always go for the best OTC muscle roids. Secondly over use or abused of drug can also lead to some unwanted side effects. May be minimal, but side effects are the last thing that a person need in terms of particularly when it comes to health. Symptoms like nausea, head ache and sleep related issues persists if over used. However, over the counter steroids are not considered to be much useful in losing fat particularly among the females. However some of the OTC products are banned by the sport world on a regular precaution against doping. But that will not hamper your use or confuse while purchasing one for yourself because there are official sport website that will give you the list of all the banned products in the sport arena. So better check before you go for it because a little mistake or negligence would not only restrict you from the sport but will end up you getting involved doping which is again not a good name in the world any sport. After all its your health and hard work that matters.