Real Need For A Web Proxy And Its Advantages

free proxy

A proxy server is also known as the application level gateway for sure. This kind of proxy acts as a type of connection between the client application and the actual server which is real. In other words this proxy is a gateway that acts as a canal between the local network and the other network that is larger in size than the local network. An example of the client application is the web browser and the real server is the internet. With the help of proxy servers the level of performance of the local application can be increased and the security is also high when a proxy server is used.

In many companies, proxy servers are used to keep an eye on the usage of outside resources by the employees. This can be helpful in restricting the usage of certain sites in work places.  The main job of a proxy server is to intercept connections. These connections are between the sender and the receiver. Incoming data will be entered through a port and then those input data will be transferred to all the other systems in the network with the help of another port. As the direct access between the two networks is cut off, it will be very difficult for the hackers to enter the system and use the information. This will help in safeguarding the details that are contained in a private network.

free proxy

Croxy Proxy is one of the many web proxy services that are available in the industry. They are free and use the most advanced features to bring out the best free proxy. This application provides support for any type of site. The user can have access to any website without any blocks all the while using an encrypted connection.  This will provide a great accessibility and also security at the same time. The surfing can be done anonymously with the help of free proxy with the feature of full video streaming.

This proxy often acts as an alternative to VPN. There is no need to download any new software or configure any product as this comes as a proxy browser which can be run directly in a computer. A number of video websites are fully supported with the help of this proxy browser along with many other modern websites. The traffic created can never be detected with the help of fingerprint as the web proxy traffic that is created is the regular HTTP traffic.