Storage is Made Easy by Blue Crates

Made Easy by Blue Crates

Blue Crates a storage solution in Chicago has made the peoples crazy with its unique services. It offers storage solutions to every sort of goods may it be your clothes, furniture, bicycle or any other stuff Blue Crates keep it safe with it. The olden box storages got outdated the moment Blue Crates stepped in the storage solution business. The goods are stored in crates or either in wardrobes which are eventually kept at a safe and secure place. The wardrobe facility is commonly used by the peoples to store their seasonal wear. The best thing about Blue Crates is that it is affordable and effortless. In some of the reviews, the customers are of views such that the charges of blue Crates are lesser than the cocktail. It is effortless as Blue Crates manages from pick up to delivery services that too for free.

 Highlights of Blue Crates

Manages the Storage

Free space is made for you by carrying your goods to Blue Crates storage space. You keep it there for days, months or years it will be safe and secure

 Less spending but more benefits

A little part of your pocket gives you a large storage facility to store anything and everything for a few dollars. The storage options available and its prices are listed below;


  • One Crate for $10 per month
  • One wardrobe for $15.50 per month
  • One Oversized for $10 per month
  • Furniture for $45 per month

Manage the Storage at finger touch

Usage of modern technologies has bought some easiness for the work. Your storage can be managed by sitting at home through the cellphones. You can demand any of your stuff at any time from the catalogue.

large storage facility

Eco-Friendly business

 The Crates and other storage products are made up of eco-friendly materials. Blue Crates just not only serve its customer but also serves our mother nature.

Safe and Secure

The goods are stored under high security and suitable climate. You can demand your goods at any point in time, it will be delivered to you in the same condition in which you had left it.

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