Things to Know before Choosing between an Electric and Stove top Pressure Cooker

We all know how important a component pressure cooker is in our kitchen. We have become more reliant on pressure cookers in recent time because of the tight schedules that we have now. Without a pressure cooker we often feel handicapped in the kitchen. The growing rates of pressure cooker sales are testament to the fact that how important pressure cookers are in our lives. They not only make cooking easier but they are also much quicker when it comes to cooking. In this article we will be discussing about the two variants of pressure cookers, which are the stove top pressure cookers and the electric or digital pressure cookers.

Stove Top Pressure Cookers

This type of pressure cookers have been in use for a very long type. Although the designs have evolved over time the basics of it still remains the same. Many argue that this is still the best type of pressure cookers.



  • This is quicker than the electric cookers as they need only 11 minutes to build up pressure which is 3 minutes quicker than the electric cookers.
  • You can open it after cooking within 30 seconds by using the cold water cold water release method. It takes about 2 minutes to open if you use the normal method of release. And the natural method takes about 10 minutes.
  • It can also be used as a normal cooking or storing pot.


  • It lacks an in built timer or schedule features.
  • Although the stainless steel cookers are durable the same cannot be said about the Aluminum variants.

Electric Pressure Cookers

Electric Pressure Cookers are also known as the digital pressure cooker because of the digital displays present in most of these cookers.  These were released only recently and have not been around as long as the stove top cookers.


  • The temperature and the pressure is automatically controlled by these. No need to control them manually.
  • Easier to use as they come with many inbuilt pressure settings.
  • They come with integrated timers which lets you know exactly how much time it takes to cook a certain thing.
  • It has automatic heat regulation.


  • You cannot use the cold water release method to quickly open it.
  • It is considerably bigger in size compared to the stove top pressure cookers.
  • Most of the models can only be used for pressure cooking and not as a regular pot for cooking.


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