Tips on how to choose an advertising agency

advertising agency

Before hiring an advertising agency / company for a marketing campaign for service, product, or brand image improvement for your company, it is normal to ask questions such as the following:


 If your SME is in a medium or small city, you may only be interested in promoting your business in that community, so it is not necessary to consider means of broad coverage.


The market to which our services or products are directed is very important, it depends on the consideration of specific means. For example, in the case that our products or services are used only by a particular sector, we must focus on media that in the sector would be read, seen or heard.


 The Online Classifieds media that we want to use for our advertising should have a close relationship with profitability and business numbers. We should always consider advertising as part of the cost of selling cost.

Online Classifieds media

Trajectory  and reputation of the medium.

 When choosing the channel or medium, we must always take into account who is targeted and if it generates empathy with the offer we make to our consumers (public target)

Other companies that rule in the middle

. Review what  kind of companies are advertised in the middle. If there are companies or products that compete with us, the differentiation of the product and positioning becomes even more relevant.

Sales of our SME.

 If we observe that despite increasing our investment in media, sales do not grow, we must reconsider our advertising plan, extend or vary its and rethink the communication strategy.

Along with these actions, we must constantly monitor the quality standards of our products and services, to ensure that they meet the expectations generated through our communication.

Creativity in the advertising agency

An advertising agency should have the possibility to present the strategic message through creative work. A successful marketing campaign usually has innovative creative elements that draw the attention of the target market and guide it to a call to action. Therefore, you have to gather case studies, as well as require initial concepts about your brand to offer during the initial presentation, this in order to evaluate the creativity of the agency and if it is in line with your vision. These points are some of the most important to evaluate in the selection of advertising agencies.