Why is streaming movies online is safer than torrenting? Check it out here

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Online streaming sites and torrenting are both the most popular way for people to provide themselves with good quality entertainment for many years already.

Online movie sites that are completely free and holds a lot of promise because of its convenience while torrenting assures you that you can download nothing but the best-quality movie files for your own pleasure. The question now which one is better? A lot of people are divisive when it comes to this matter because both are just good at providing its users.

couchtuners movies

Torrenting has been on the internet for many years already by replacing the conventional way of downloading because you can remotely download a particular file without monitoring it. It has tons of advantages such as it automatically pauses and resumes once you turned it back on, also, you can download as much as a hundred gigabyte of the file to your computer.

However, torrenting has been linked to a lot of risks and danger recently because of strings of viruses, malware and other harmful files and programs that are hidden within the file that you download from an untrusted source which is why downloading a torrent file requires vigilance and must always come from a trusted source.

However, in this article, let us discuss more of the advantages of streaming movies online compared to downloading it via a torrent file. If you want to watch great-quality movies check out the couchtuner movie free online.

  • Streaming movies online is safer- Downloading files on your computer is always risky especially if you are not that knowledgeable of its source. In fact, a lot of these files that are uploaded in torrenting sites are either corrupt, fake, or contains a harmful file or virus that can ruin your entire computer or smartphone’s internal system, unlike streaming movies online where you only view it and not download it into your system making it safer.
  • You are not required to download and wait- Admit it, most of us are just too impatient to wait for an hour or two to complete downloading our torrent file knowing that most of the high-definition movies are just too big for a file which contains more than one gigabyte. Sometimes the files that we wanted to download does not have any seeders which virtually takes an eternity for it complete downloading. Seeders are the users that keep the file up for download by keeping it active on the torrenting software. The more the seeders, the quicker you can finish downloading, otherwise, it will take forever.
  • Free from harmful files- You cannot determine if the torrent is packed with a virus or not until you open it which is totally risky for your computer or smartphone. Usually, a lot of torrenting sites have a lot of shady members that upload harmful files for no reason at all. You have to be very vigilant when it comes to using torrent compared to streaming movies online where you are not required to download anything from the site.
  • Streaming does not require storage- Just like what is mentioned above, torrent files usually is composed of large files which can amount to a hundred gigabytes which is totally not needed for you to download unless you are downloading a game, unlike streaming movies where you can enjoy high-definition movies without downloading large files.