Winstrol: Reliable Drug

Winstrol: Reliable Drug

Every competition has become tedious and giving your best has become essential. People go for extreme extents in order proving their calibre in their fields. For many professional athletes this competition drive is fierce. Thus, people tend to use external simulators such as performance enhancing drugs. These drugs, when consumed over a period of time show immense change in their performance. Winstrol is commonly used by athletes and strength trainers. They use it orally or as injectable, in order to recover from the pain after practise. It also helps to lose fat and gain lean body mass. It is often used during cutting cycles to help retain their lean body mass. In the process, it metabolises adipose tissue and burns fat. However, it is not considered as a direct fat burning medicine.

What is Winstrol?

Winstrol is also known as Stanozolol. One injection of Stanozolal or Winstrol is known to provide longer half-life stanozolol injection. It is an anabolic steroid. These steroids aim to increase the overall mass of the body (in particular –muscles) and improve strength. Winstrol was first devised by American pharmaceutical company known as Winthrop Laboratories. It is derived from dihydrotestosterone. It was developed in 1962 and has been approved by FDA (Food and Drug Administration). However, it has been allowed only with prescription. This drug can be consumed in terms of tablets and pills. In Canada, it can be purchased without prescription.

Winstrol is the best legal steroid available today. It provides muscle gain and improves bone strength without side-effects. These are considered to be as a legal alternative to real drugs. While looking out for the legal steroid, we must make sure that these are beneficial and are known to produce the steroidal alternatives. Those results, however, do not rely on only factor. Number of factors influences the results of drugs.

A good nutritional, protein rich diet and regular exercises helps to improve the muscle quality in the body. Since, the function of steroids is known to improve protein synthesis and ATP in the blood; a good steroid improves the overall metabolism rate and fitness of the body.

Winstrol: Reliable Drug


The anabolic steroid is naturally prepared by body, known as testosterones. The anabolic steroids show positive effects on muscle building.

The other property of steroids is androgenic, that is, they improve male characters of body, such as facial hair, deeper voice etc. Thus, when athletes take these kinds of steroids, their performance is boosted.


Like everything in nature, Winstrol also comes with few side-effects. They may initially cause acnes, headaches, disturbed seeping patterns, nausea. Nevertheless, these symptoms will recover, once body gets set in the pattern of dosage.


The dosage pattern varies from men to women. For men, the dosage may range from 40-100mg per day and for women, it ranges from 20-50mg per day. Winstrol can be consumed in the period of 6-8 weeks. Excessive intake may cause stress on liver and kidneys. It is advised to not consume it, if one is diabetic or is on any other medication. Winstrol is efficient but must be taken under physician consent only.